As you progress through the game, you will obtain achivements when doing something. They will not give you anything, but sort of give you a hint whats next as whatever you unlock, the achivements connected to it will say what to do. Kinda like Minecraft achivements

Achivement ListEdit


The Adventure Begins!: Obtain your first plant

Second Catch: Catch your first plant!

Third Battle : Beat your first gardener!

Last Evolve! : Evolve a plant

Helping Hand : Use a healing item

Defeat!:Beat a garden leader


Haven't I Beat You Before? : Rematch a gardener

Lucky Ducky : Hit an opponent with a move that has 55 accuracy or lower

Power Up : Use in-battle items such as stat boosting items

Rest In Plants : Defeat a plant via status condition

Battle At Last : Beat The Elite Champion

Walk It Off : Revive a plant with Defibrillate, leaving them with only a 1/20 of their max health

Pharma Suitable : Use 10 Health-based items

Serial Killer: Kill (defeat) 100 plants

Killer Machine: Kill (defeat) 1,000,000 plant


Getting Better : Catch an Uncommon Plant

Rare Catch!:Catch a plant with a encounter rate of less than 25%

Stubborn:Catch a plant with a catch rate of 10% or less

Thanks!:Recieve a gift plant from a NPC or the casino.

MAJESTIC.:Catch a Legendary Plant

LOL'ing AchivementsEdit

Facepalm:Have an opponent lower your speed so they could lower your speed again.

Special AchivementsEdit

I think i remember those eyes eyes eyes:Defeat a champ twice

Your were, Meant to fly!:Beat a trainer using wind type moves only.

I don't need help!:Beat the double battle between you and your rival against the general zombie and Dr Edgar Zomboss without fainting one of your plants.

Staff Based AchivementsEdit

Cattails Frosty Combination:Beat Catts using frost types

Trippin' On Coffee:Play a total of 40 hours of pvz battles

Zomplant Zombifier:Rematch a gardener using only zombie type plants.

Peashooting King Duo:Defeat DPS and Chanieman without having one of your plants dying.

Gatling Pea Madness:Catch all the Gatling plants

LOL'd at gatling:Beat a gatling plant with another one.

Trolling is gone with the wind:Defeat Memeboss (Zomboss's brother) using wind type plants.

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