Aquactic plants are one of the most defensive plants in the game, besides Defensive. Their moves generally include stuns, blocks, and status changers. They have an average of 85% accuracy, and generly get more criticals when its raining. Also, they have the highest health in the game, and is best used with Sun plants.


  • Health: 5/5. Has the best health in the game.
  • Damage: 2/5. Not the best, but it could be worse.
  • Speed: 3/5. Generally agile.
  • Defense: 4/5. Generally hard to defeat.
  • Uniqueness in moves: 3/5. Mostly stuns, attacks, and defensive boosters
  • Overall: 3.8/5

Diferences between Defensive and AquacticEdit

  1. Aquactic has the highest health.
  2. Defensive has more accurate moves.
  3. Defensive blocks entire moves at once; Aquatic gives you more defence overall.

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