This is a sun/normal type plant that is very offensive. It also seems to have a lot HP due to the fact that it has 3 heads.

A Burn Threepeater

Made By DaPeaShoota


HP: 300

ATK: 380


SP ATK: 370

SP DEF: 190

Speed: 290

Effect:Heat Wave (brings a wave of heat, droughting all non aquatic and sun type plants, which cuts speed by 10.)


lvl 1:Burning Pea Shot

lvl 5Firey Charge

lvl 10:Burning Peashooting Pea

lvl 14:Guard

lvl 17:Black Napalm Pea Shot

lvl 21:Special Guard

lvl 27:Spikey Magma Pea

lvl 31:Black Magma Pea

lvl 36:Blind Burn

lvl 41:Sun Pea

lvl 45:Hyper Napalm Pea

lvl 50: Tri-Attack

lvl 53:Lava Block

lvl 56:Triple Burn Pea Shot

lvl 61:Magma Splash

lvl 64:Triple Inferno Pea Shot

lvl 70:Burning Cluster Pea Shot


  • it resembles a burn pea and threepeater, yet it doesn't say anything about it.

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