Cattail is the upgrade of the  Lily Pad. It upgrades from a Lily-Pad at lvl 38. Now instead of Good Defense, It has better attack, better speed, and better hp. I could really use that defense though ;-;
55px-Lily Pad2

a Cattail

Area it is inEdit

None. It can only be upgraded from Lily-Pult.



HP: 200

ATK: 120


SP ATK: 150

SP DEF: 97



lvl 40: Leaf Tsunami (attacks both plants in double battles)

lvl 43: Spike Barrage (attacks both plants in double battles)

lvl 47:Rawr(lowers the opponents(both opponents if double battle)attack, defense, sp atk and sp def by 1)

lvl 52:Gatling Spike(hits the enemy 2-5 times)

lvl 57: Flatter(lowers plants defense by 3)

lvl 63:Hail Spike(hits all opponents, but does damage to your plants too)


It loses its normal type for an unknown reason.

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