This plant was originally from PvZCC (Click Here) and since it was my favorite, i am posting it here! The Dragonfruit-Pult has great skills (especially attack), has ok speed, but the DEF doesn't really back it up. Its evolution is the Winter Dragonfruit-Pult. Its great as a lower evolution.
Dragonfruit Pult

A Dragonfruit-Pult

Evolution: Level 42

Made By DaPeaShoota


Type: Sun/Instant Kill

HP: 159

ATK: 130

DEF: 98

SP ATK:200

SP DEF: 73

Speed: 160

Ability: Inner Rage (when it only has 10 hp or less it has attack doubled)


lvl 1:Dragonfruit

lvl 5:Firey Charge

lvl 8:Solar Rays

lvl 12:Attract

lvl 15:Dusty Dragonfruit

lvl 19:Fire Rain

lvl 24:Painted Dragonfruit

lvl 27:Slow Restore

lvl 30:Majestic Dragonfruit

lvl 37:Meteorfruit

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