Lily Pad is a starter plant that you can obtain. It will turn into a Double Lily Pad at level 19 and then into a Cattail at level 38. Not the best attacker, but does have great HP and DEF for a low level plant.

Lily Pad

Area Found InEdit

Water Areas.


Type: Normal/Aquatic

HP: 40

ATK: 13

DEF: 35


SP DEF: 29

Speed: 27


lvl 1: Tackle

lvl 4:Block(Raises DEF by 1)

lvl 7:Slam

lvl 11:Splash(lowers accuracy by 10%)

lvl 14: Water Gun

lvl 16: Leaf throw

Effect: Leaf Guard (when it only has 1/3 of its HP left, its defense will raise by 1)

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