Ma-lunge-ggay is both offensive and defensive plant, it attacks by lunging forward and snapping it's leaves at the attacker and possibly coud eat it. If successful, the plant then takes half of it's health to heal it's own health and spit out the attacker with half the health. If attacked, it uses it's small leaves to block one of the attacks to decrease the damage inflicted by the attacker.

Stats: Edit

Type: Steel - Defensive - Weed

HP: 320 / 320

Attack: 38 - 180

Defense: 125

SP. ATK: 25 - 140

SP. DEF: 36 - 145

Speed: 53

Accuracy: 95

Learnset Edit

Lv. 1: Snap - A Normal type move that causes the user to snap it's tentacles/vines towards the attacker.

Lv. 1: Harden - A Defensive type move that makes the user harden it's shell/skin, increasing it's DEF.

Lv. 1: Photosynthesis - A Sun type move that causes the user to increase it's attack.

Lv. 5: Vine Whip - A Weed type move that the user attacks by whipping the vine at the attacker, dealing a normal amount of damage, but with a increased chance of a crit. hit. However, the attack may fail half of the time.

Lv. 12: Absorb - A Ground type move that enable the user to ground its roots into the ground for healing 8 turns, however this makes the user more prone to attacks.

Lv. 20: Slash - This Normal type move allows the user to slash the opponent with it's leaves/vines/tentacles, it has increased attack, however decreases accuracy.

Lv. 26: Glare - A Normal type move that the user can glare at the attacker/opponent, which decreased its attack and most likely decreases it's speed.

Lv. 35: Treat or Boom - A possible Instant kill or Sun type move, the user rolls a dice and if it is yellow, the user gets bonus attack and bonus speed for three turns, and Instant kill will instantly damage the user to half of it's health.

Lv. 43: Screech - A Normal type move that makes the user scream, it lowers the opponent's defense greatly, and a 5% chance of damaging the opponent.

Lv. 56: Leafy Cheer - A Supportive type move, which allows the trainer to choose what plant/zombie to cheer what plant on currently on battle. A 70% chance of boosting the attack, A 20% chance of increasing the accuracy, and 10% chance for the plant to land a crit. hit.

Lv. 64: Lunge - The main signature move, it is a Normal type of Ma-Lunge-ggay, it lunges forward and attacks the opponent, a slight chance of landing a critical hit, and another chance of absorbing the health of the opponent.

Lv. 75: Epic Leaf - A powerful move that only plants could use, the plant could only use it thrice in a battle. When used, it has a 80% of failing, when succesful, it could land a killer Instant kill.

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