keys Edit

the cold key

the leaf key

the fire key

electrical key

worlds Edit

Lawn Day 23 days

The Dark Cave 19 nights

Misty Pond 20 days

Gloomy Fog 20 nights

Volcanic Moutain 20 days

The Flood 20 nights

Zombosses Fury 18 sunsets

plants Edit

Lawn Day Edit

peashooter/////////100/////////shoots peas//////shoots a lot of peas/////at the beggining of Lawn Day

sunflower////////////50//////////makes sun/////////makes 4 bunches of sun/Lawn Day day 4

wallnut///////////////50//////////block zombies/////gets a iron suit/////////////Lawn Day day 7

potato mine///////25//////////explodes zombies/spawns 2 more///////////Lawn Day day 11

aspearagus//////125////////shoots aspearagus/shoots a giant aspearagus/Lawn Day day 15

snow pea/////////175////////shoots snow peas///spawns snow and shoots alot/Lawn Day day 19

reapeater////////200////////shoots 2 peas/////////shoots alot and shoots 1 giant pea/Lawn Day day 22

puffshroom/////0////////////shoots spores/////////shoots alot of spores/////Lawn Day ending

The Dark Cave Edit

sunshroom/////25/////////makes small sun//////grows and makes alot of sun/////The Dark Cave night 3

fumeshroom//75/////////shoots fumes///////////shoots clouds of fumes//////////////The Dark Cave night 6

grave buster/75/////////destroys a grave/////N/A/////////////////////////////////////////////The Dark Cave night 9

scaredyshroom/25////shoots long ranged/gets brave and shoots alot/////////The Dark Cave night 12

iceshroom////////125//freezes all zombies on the screen/N/A//////////////////////////The Dark Cave night 15

doomshroom///175//makes a large explosion////////////////N/A//////////////////////////The Dark Cave night 18

lily pad///////////25/////lets a ground plant go on water/////N/A//////////////////////////The Dark Cave ending

Misty Pond Edit

squash///////////50/////squashes a zombie////////////////////////squashes 3 zombies/Misty Pond day 1

tangle kelp/////25/////drowns a zombie in water//////////////drowns 3 zombies//////Misty Pond day 4

Pea Moss//////125///shoots peas but, needs to be planted in water/shoots a lot of peas/Misty Pond day 7

cherry bomb/125///explodes in a 3x3 radius////////////////N/A/////////////////////////////Misty Pond day 10

bowling bulbs/200/shoots different types of bulbs//////shoots all bulbs//////////Misty Pond day 13

garlic drone///175/shoots spikes ,but zombies can't harm it/shoots a cob of corn/Misty Pond day 16

ca-choo////////100/shoots snot/////////////////////////////////////shoots alot of snot////////////Misty Pond day 19

seashroom//0/////shoots spores//////////////////////////////////shoots alot of spores////////Misty Pond ending

Gloomy Fog Edit

plantern/////125///gets rid of fog/////////////////////////////////clears all fog//////////////////////Gloomy Fog night 1

cactus///////125///gets rid of balloon zombies/////////////clears all balloons///////////////Gloomy Fog night 4

hypnoshroom/75/hypnotizes zombies///////////////////////hypnotizes all zombies//////Gloomy Fog night 7

mush moss////25/shoots spores but, needs to be planted in water/shoots a lot of spores/Gloomy Fog night 10

jalapeno////125//explodes in a lane///////////////////////////N/A////////////////////////////////////Gloomy Fog night 13

braveshroom/50/shoots long ranged but,doesnt hide/shoots a lot of spores////Gloomy Fog night 16

electric-shroom//////125/shoots eletricity//////////////////////////////makes a cloud///////////////Gloomy Fog night 19

cabbagepult/100/lobs cabbage/////////////////////shoots cabbage at every zombie/Gloomy Fog ending

Volcanic Mountain Edit

flowerpot/////25////lets you plant on the moutain/N/A///////////////////////////////////////////Volcanic Mountain day 1

cornpult/////100///lobs corn and rarely butter/////shoots butter at all zombies//////Volcanic Mountain day 3

scrleech/0/screams at the zombies////screetches loudly///////////////////////Volcanic Mountain day 6

dolls eyes/100/poisons zombies////////shoots a row with poison///////////Volcanic Mountain day 9

hurrikale//0/////freezes every zombie in its row/N/A/////////////////////////////Volcanic Mountain day 12

melonpult/300/lobs a melon that does splash damage/shoots 5 melons/Volcanic Mountain day 14

spikelobber/125/lobs spikes that raises zombie blood loss/kills all zombies in the row/Volcanic Mountain day 19

watermelon/200/shoots seeds and can be placed in water/shoots water and seeds///Vocanic Mountain ending

The Flood Edit

unbrella leaf/25/protects plants in a 3x3 radius/////////////////N/A///////////////////////////////////The Flood night 2

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