this is the sequil to pvz 2




MURCURY peashooter,starflower,Space Wood,Coconut satilite,Straberry boom,cabbage pult,Twin starflower

VENUS corn pult,heavenly peach,Coconut turret [downgrade to Coconut cannon]

peach pitcher [upgrade to heavenly peach] blover [of course],tornado rasberry

MOON split pea,umbrella leaf,laser pea,geleton squash,alien pea,jr melon,melon pult,winter melon,

MARS Ice pad,summer melon,summer squash,summer alien pea,chawawatail,iceberge lettuce

JUPIDER Puff-shroom,star-shroom,Fume-shroom,red tornado rasberry,acid rain bean,thunder pea


MUCURY alien,conehead alien,bucket alien,invasion alien,alien rocket,alien soldger,alien imp,gargalien,alienboss mucury voyage

VENUS sheild alien [coming soon]

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