Recycle Bean is a plant that is Morticulturalist. When Level 5, it becomes Garbage Bean. When Level 10, it becomes Garbage Truck Bean. When Level 50, becomes Factory Bean. Level 100, Recycle Bean II. It repeats by 50 until Factory Bean III. It can be unlocked by getting La Rosa.


Level Evolved Plant Attack and Damage
Lvl. 1 Recycle Bean Garbage Throw   1 nds.
Lvl. 2 Recycle Bean Arrow Spinner      3 nds.
Lvl. 5 Garbage Bean Can Drop             7 nds.
Lvl. 6 Garbage Bean Garbage Twister  10 nds.
Lvl. 10 Garbage Truck Bean Garbage Mound   13 nds.
Lvl.11 Garbage Truck Bean Metal Drop            20 nds.
Lvl. 50 Factory Bean Recycled Twist      30 nds.
Lvl. 51 Factory Bean Garbage Boom    40 nds.

It repeats to Recycle Bean II until it become Factory Bean III. The attacks increase by 5.

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