Sleep-o-nut is a nut plant that are 2 times stronger when it sleeps. it gets other moves when sleeps (it can attack when it sleeps)


Legendary plant info

When defeat Crazy Daves Slapweed in Nut places secret cave tells crazy dave you about the secret nut-temple where you can find the Sleep-o-nut. Crazy dave give you the key of the temple. for fast capture of the plant,use coffee beans coffee beam to damage and awake him.


LV.1 Roll LV.1 Sleep (falls in sleep) LV.3 Sleep beam (it damage the oppenent and let fall asleep) LV.7 Psycho cut LV.19 Nut rain LV. 30 psycho roll

Move set (when asleep)

All attacks changes in psycho attacks


Type: psyhic HP: 600 Atk. 5o def. 500 SP. 50 SP.ATK.500

Its very handy on each location


its trapping level is 50 but you can't catch it When defeated crazy dave's slapweed in the secret cave of Nut place,crazy dave tell you about the Temple of only nuts protected by Tall-nuts and wall nuts. in the temple sleep-o-nut makes a beam to let the whole pvz battles world sleep forever. After that crazy dave give you a coffee bean. he says you must eat it. afer eating the coffee bean is everthing gray,it is Sleep-o-nut succeeded to let everthing on the world sleep forever. but you not sleep because the coffee bean. when defeated the sleep-o-nut everthing on the world awakes. if you defeated Sleep-o-nut he give you a Sleep-o-nut egg that hatches after 500 steps.


ATK.500 DEF.10000 SP.59 SP.DEF.60 SP.ATK.100 HP.600


lv.1 roll LV.1 sleepy (falls asleep) LV.3 hypnose LV.6 Sleep-o-beam (damage and let asleep the enemy) LV.13 bowling (rolls 5 times at the enemy LV.18 Wall-nut beam LV.25 transform LV.30 Explode-o-nut pult


-NUTSHELL (SORT OF PROTECT) -Tall-nut beam -Growing (Steals HP) -Nutty problem (target be confused)

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