The Towns People are the NPCs in each city. Each one has a different use, talks differently, and a look that separates them from other NPCs.

Storage KeeperEdit

Storage keepers are near warehouses and store items unable to carry in your Bag, or items you want for safekeeping. They keep your items inside of bought chests so that you don't lose a valuable item or your Coins. They have a brown shirt and blue jeans. The first time you speak to a storage keeper, you get a free chest, and the chests automatically transfer between towns and cities.


Enchanters wear black robes and appear rarely anywhere in the town. They increase the stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp. Attack, and Sp. Defense) of all your plants and zombies you have in your current arsenal by 20 for 8 rounds. This can be helpful if you want to complete areas like the Glade Of Prophecy easier.


Healers wear pink shirts and a white robe, and are always stationed at the Zen Center. They restore all the health of all your plants and zombies, but removes buffs from the enchanter or status boosters like Sword Soil.


These rather small NPCs wear purple jeans and blue shirts. they wander aimlessly around the city, occasionally stopping or talking with other children. If you talk to them, they may give you a task to complete. These tasks may include attacking wild plants, giving him/her a certain item, etc. Completing these tasks aquire fame and items you can only get from them


  • One of the kids are thirsty. Go to a vending machine and buy a lemonade for $200. Get 3 fame points
  • One of the kids lollipop collection goes missing. Go and find it. Get 5 fame points and a lollipop.
  • One of the kids is bored. Find his house and give him his gaming console from it. Get 4 fame points and a Video Game.

more coming soon!


Salesmen wear red shirts and brown shorts. They buy and sell items, including Chocolate and Shield Soil.

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