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  • DaPeaShoota

    If we ever try to make it, how will we do it? Considering this might copyright pvz and get us sued. We probably couldn't meet eachother if we tried to make a game together(so the game would go smooth and fast) and the hardest part might be that we lack the intelligence to make an advanced game like this.

    Any ideas?

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  • DaPeaShoota

    Who Wins?

    March 17, 2012 by DaPeaShoota

    A noob with a lvl 100 Epic Daisy

    or A pro with 6 lvl 1 imitaters?

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  • DaPeaShoota

    Your PvZ Positions

    March 17, 2012 by DaPeaShoota

    If you were to put any of the staff as a role (Gym Leader,Elite Four,Rival Battle etc.) where would you put them?

    This is mine:

    • Chanieman (Rival Battle. 6 times in all)
    • Liquid nitrogen 1337 (1st Gym Leader)
    • Plantsthrust (2nd Gym Leader)
    • Jeremy... (3rd Gym Leader)
    • Pvzaddict1276 (4th Gym Leader)
    • Repeater1919 (5th Gym Leader)
    • Plant Lover (6th Gym Leader)
    • Randomguy3000 (7th Gym Leader)
    • CompliensCreator00 (8th Gym Leader)
    • Zomboss (1st Elite Four + Team Zombies Leader(The Team rocket of pvz battles))
    • CattailsWeLove (2nd Elite Four)
    • GatlingPeaz (3rd Elite Four)
    • Zomplant Jelo (4th Elite Four)
    • Coffee BAM! (Champion (well he did make this)
    • DaPeaShoota (Random person who appears once in a while(Basically Herobrine Pvz)+Battle in victory road)
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  • DaPeaShoota

    Rpg area for battling

    January 5, 2012 by DaPeaShoota
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