If you were to put any of the staff as a role (Gym Leader,Elite Four,Rival Battle etc.) where would you put them?

This is mine:

  • Chanieman (Rival Battle. 6 times in all)
  • Liquid nitrogen 1337 (1st Gym Leader)
  • Plantsthrust (2nd Gym Leader)
  • Jeremy... (3rd Gym Leader)
  • Pvzaddict1276 (4th Gym Leader)
  • Repeater1919 (5th Gym Leader)
  • Plant Lover (6th Gym Leader)
  • Randomguy3000 (7th Gym Leader)
  • CompliensCreator00 (8th Gym Leader)
  • Zomboss (1st Elite Four + Team Zombies Leader(The Team rocket of pvz battles))
  • CattailsWeLove (2nd Elite Four)
  • GatlingPeaz (3rd Elite Four)
  • Zomplant Jelo (4th Elite Four)
  • Coffee BAM! (Champion (well he did make this)
  • DaPeaShoota (Random person who appears once in a while(Basically Herobrine Pvz)+Battle in victory road)

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