The Winter Dragonfruit-Pult is the upgrade of Dragonfruit-Pult. It is still insta kill but now its frost instead of sun. Basically, it has Almost Doubled Stats.
Winter Dragonfruit Pult

A Winter Dragonfruit-Pult

Made By DaPeaShoota


Type: Frost/Insta Kill

HP: 300



SP ATK:400

SP DEF:160


Effect: Calmness (first 5 turns it will have +5 atk and sp atk and speed, but def and sp def is lowered during the duration


lvl 45:Winter Dragonfruit

lvl 50:Bulk Up

lvl 53:Icy Dragonfruit

lvl 57:Snowgrade (raises sp def and sp atk by 1)

lvl 62:Dusty Winter Dragonfruit (lowers accuracy by 10 and lowers def)

lvl 66:Freezing Charge(raises def and atk by 2)

lvl 71:Painted Winter Dragonfruit

lvl 78:Blizzgrade (raises sp atk and sp def by 2)

lvl 83:Majestic Winter Dragonfruit (15% insta kill)

lvl 88:FrostbiteFruit (Very Heavy damage at both opponents, but is immobile next turn

lvl 91:Black Ice(opponents attacks miss 30% of the time)

lvl 95:Hail(5 turn duration, frost type attacks will get more damage and the hail gives light damage to opponents)

lvl 99:Icicle Fruit ( 70% of freeze and lowers def and sp def by 2)

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